Sheep and lamb feed

Our assortment several feeds that are specially formulated for sheep and lambs.
These feeds do not contain any added copper.
The range includes a luxury muesli for lambs and sheep, a finisher feed and a luxury pellet for pregnant and nursing ewes:

L&S Lamb and Sheep muesli

L & S Muesli consists of a fully balanced mixture of micronized cereals (corn, barley), alfalfa fibres and a feed concentrate fortified with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. It stimulates the rumen development which is the basis for long-term health.

Main features:
  • A wide calcium-phosphorus ratio in combination with an adapted phosphorus level to prevent from sheath-rot (urinary calculi)
  • Very tasty - your lambs will start consuming earlier. This supports an optimal growth and sound rumen development
  • Coarse-textured to increase chewing movements and therefore decrease the risk of choking.
  • Supports healthy bowels and firm faeces (and thus “cleaner” sheep). Can be fed unlimited to the ewes and lambs.
  • Without added Copper
  • Packaging: 25 kg / bag

Lamb Energy Cubes

A special concentrate for fattening, especially developed to meet the complex nutritional needs of growing lambs. Ideal feed to follow up the L & S Muesli.

Main features:
  • Complete growing and fattening pellets for all types of lambs.
  • Contains a high level of proteins and energy (HE = high energy), and all essential amino acids
  • To be fed from the moment the lambs start eating solid food or after the L & S Muesli.
  • Low mineral content to prevent from urinary calculi.
  • Without added Copper.
  • Packaging: 25 kg / bag

Sheep Breeder Cubes

Complete nutrition for gestating and lactating ewes. The feeding of sheep, and especially ewes, should be adapted to the condition of the ewe and the stage of production.

Main features:
  • Concentrated pellets with a right balance of protein, essential vitamins, minerals and other critical nutrients
  • Rich in proteins (15% crude protein)
  • Stimulates fertility and milk yield
  • Without added Copper
  • Packaging: 25 kg / bag

The nutrient requirements are the lowest for ewes during maintenance, increase gradually from early to late gestation, and are the highest during lactation:
  • Ewes should be in moderate body condition just before and during breeding. Conception is more difficult with thin or fat ewes. A maintenance diet is appropriate. 
  • Fetal growth is significant during the last 3 months before lambing. As a result, the rumen capacity of the ewe is becoming limited, and there for it is important to (increasingly) feed a concentrated diet.
  • After lambing, the energy and protein requirements of the ewe increase substantially due to the milk production during lactation.