Goat feed / other ruminants

Within our range we also have a few speciality feeds for goats, deer, alpaca and other small ruminants.

These feeds, however, do contain added copper and are therefore not suitable for copper-sensitive sheep breeds.


Goat Condition Cubes

All-round maintenance feed for all types of goats, deer, gazelles and other small ruminants. Characterized by a consistant composition (fixed components) and taste.

Main features:
  • Fully balanced and concentrated feed, resulting in low feeding quantities
  • High protein content (16.7% crude protein)
  • Contains all essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy natural resistance
  • Also suitable for sheep breeds that DO need copper in their diet
Packaging: 25 kg / bag


The GR-Start Muesli is a coarse-textured starter mix that stimulates the rumen development of young goats and other young ruminants. A well-developed rumen will lead to less problems at weaning (such as diarrhea and pneumonia). An optimized resistance supports the growth and development of the goats.

Main features:
  • With extra alfalfa fibers, extruded cereals and rumen stabilizers
  • Increased levels of vitamins for a higher resistance and a reduced weaning shock
  • Stimulates digestion and the start of young goats and other ruminants
  • To be fed from the moment the lambs start eating solid food
  • Packaging: 25 kg / bag


Multi-STARt is a fully balanced muesli, ideal for young dairy calves. It is composed of a mixture of grains, extruded cereals, vitamins and concentrates. This highly palatable mix is also suitable for goats, deer, cattle and other small ruminants and their young. 

Main features:
  • High percentage of opened grains for an optimal digestive health
  • High proportion of starch and energy for a healthy growth, development and milkproduction
  • Provides the entire nutritional requirements (rich in Vit.A, Vit. B-complex and Vit. E)
  • Stimulates digestion and strengthens the immune system
  • Suitable for all young ruminants (except copper sensitive sheep)
  • Packaging: 20 kg / bag